Prior to setting up the Arabian Healthcare group, Dr. Siddiqui worked towards the evolution of the Apollo Group of Hospitals in India in different capacities, including Director of International Operations, where he conceptualized, planned and launched advanced care multi-specialty hospitals. A distinguished personality and pioneer in the field of medical tourism, he has been part of many ambitious projects including the promotion of India as one of the top medical tourism destinations. He has now concentrated his efforts on establishing the UAE as the ideal Medical Tourism destination promoting world-class hospitality with premium healthcare.

He first come to the UAE while working as Director, International Operations, for the Apollo Hospitals Group, for setting up an advanced care multi-specialty hospital in Dubai, which was conceptualized, planned and launched under his leadership. In that role he also worked with the Joint Commission International for the accreditation of the hospital and established strong rapport with various government offices and also with the Ministries of Health in the UAE and the Middle East, connections that have helped in shaping his future plans for RAK Hospital. As part of the Apollo Group, he launched the Al Khaleej HeartScan and Medical Center and was also responsible for promoting India as a healthcare destination, the first time ever that this activity was implemented. He also arranged for the treatment of hundreds of patients per year from the Middle East region in India. During his stint at Apollo India, he helped establish a diverse network of physicians and general practitioners as a referral base across India. He also launched the concept of satellite clinics as feeders, and was one of the first to promote corporate health as a package to corporate.

Dr. Siddiqui has been successful in replicating the same success in the UAE by steering the Arabian Healthcare Group toward becoming a major player in the UAE healthcare sector in a short span of time, thus exhibiting outstanding leadership qualities and innovative approaches. He is one of the key personalities to develop UAE as one of the popular destination for medical tourism. He conceptualized RAK Hospital as a destination that will cater to the needs of local population and nearby Since its inception, RAK Hospital has played a leading role in putting Ras Al Khaimah on the global medical tourism map. The hospital attracts significant numbers of medical tourists from Middle East, Africa, and the CIS countries, who seek to benefit from the hospital’s premium healthcare facilities, combining it with a rewarding holiday in the northern emirate. In addition, RAK Hospital is internationally established in 11 countries with a focus on Ethiopia, Tanzania, Nigeria, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

He was also instrumental in the setting up of the RAK College of Medical Sciences, a network of clinics and clinical referral laboratories along with the establishment of a medical equipment trading division. He was solely responsible for the planning, execution and management of these projects, the success of which is a great example of his extraordinary skill and passion.